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How Do I Care For My New Driveway?

  • Tire Marks - Tire marks are the most common complaint with a new driveway. The main cause of tire marks is cutting the wheel (even slightly) without the vehicle moving. We recommend driving straight in and straight out of your driveway. If you have a turnaround - always keep the vehicle in motion while you cut the wheel. Also do not park to close to the edges of the driveway. (6 inches) Withing the first two weeks of your install OR on a hot day you may also notice tire impressions, or indentation. This is minor and will disappear as you drive on it. Hosing the driveway down with cold water will also help protect your driveway.

  • Sharp Object Marks - Because asphalt contains oil and is flexible, do not store anything with a sharp or heavy point on the driveway. This may include, but not limited to - lawn chairs, bike/motorcycle kickstands, grills, car jacks, trailer hitches. Always put 3/4" plywood under any sharp or heavy object.

  • Avoid gasoline, diesel fuel and oil as it can stain or erode your driveway.

  • Texture - Asphalt is made from various sizes of stones mixed with liquid asphalt. This can cause varied textures in your driveway. Especially in areas done by hand. (Pads/ Walkways).

  • Sealcoat - We recommend sealcoat be done within 3-6 months of your new driveway being paved. Then reapplied every 3-5 years.